There were several issues last week when it came to borrowing players. Please forward this on to your coaches as a reminder of our borrowing rules. At this point since there have been so many issues with borrowing players we ask that all coaches notify their league reps that they are intending to borrow players and the reps need to forward that on to the Yankee Level directors so they know what is happening. If they any questions about borrowing players that also has to go through the Yankee reps to the Yankee Level directors.
Here is the link to the playoff information and schedule brackets:
A couple of reminders - 
There is a limit on the number of players you can borrow
U6,U8, & Squirts      13 skaters and a goalie.
Peewees & Bantams    11 skaters and a goalie.
If you have been borrowing certain players all year that are not on your roster you have to request approval of those players through the league for the playoffs.
No A or B players are allowed to be borrowed for your team.
If you want to request borrowing a B2 player that you have borrowed throughout the season that has to be approved by your Yankee Level Director.
Hopefully this will make it easier going forward. Thanks for your understanding and patience with this issue.
Mike Dunk
Yankee VP of Operations.